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@The Norwegian Seamen's Church
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Trygve Lie Gallery


Thursday, April 3rd, 6pm-8pm

317 E 52nd St (btw 1st and 2nd aves)
# 212-319-0370

The show Collectors is a collaborative project by Iselin Kleiva, Tonje Bøe Birkeland and Elin Rødseth. The works relate to the field of biography: investigations in becoming - or getting - closer to others. The artists have similar working methods: they are all collectors.

Journeys and the act of staging shapes Birkeland´s praxis, as she enters landscapes whose existences are separated from time, embodying alter egos such as female adventurers and explorers. The characters are situated in history, but are fictional. The artist approaches them through embodying their existence in documentation - journeys, journals and photographic plates.

Rødseth’s motives encircles the neighbor across the street, the stranger as he passes by in the park, people as extras in your everyday life, living their lives close by, yet unknown to you, you do not know them and are barely aware of their existence. Rødseth keeps the distance even after she notices the passer-by, the distance technically emphasized by making details vanish through the graphic print process.

Kleiva zooms in closer to skin and focuses on the thin border between the human body and its external world. The works on display do not depict the body as one entire figure, rather as fragmented parts, as close-ups beyond their cinematic borders. It seems the viewer is attempting to touch, then enter the membrane. The figurative explorations, or rather, examinations, between body and border is strongly stated through tightly cropped video works.

COLLECTORS, in short, displays investigations of figure, close up or from afar in grand landscapes. Some are separated from their surroundings, some in the middle of them - in the past and in the present.

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